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Robust dependable data entry and system monitoring

With its Ethernet Data Concentrator CyBox EDC ELTEC Elektronik expands its portfolio of mobile data processing solutions


ELTEC Elektronik expands mobile data processing solutions portfolio

CyBox EDC provides a robust dependable data entry and system monitoring solution

IAs part of its CyBox family concept, ELTEC Elektronik has developed a series of products for data entry, processing and distribution in mobile systems in rough working environments. The latest member of this family is the CyBox EDC (Ethernet Data Concentrator) which is used to collect and monitor data on trains, trams, agricultural implements, buses and other mobile applications. The CyBox EDC is a logical addition to the CyBox line and its mobile computing platform (MCP) as well as its wireless access points (APs).

The CyBox EDC was specifically developed to record data in mobile systems (e.g. a train that is on the move) and to pass on the data to superior, usually stationary, server systems for analytical purposes. This data can, for instance, be used to conduct preventative maintenance (also called condition-based maintenance), fleet management, etc. Thanks to its multiple interfaces, a CyBox EDC has the capability to monitor different systems simultaneously.

Equipped with a powerful i.MX6 CPU (ARM Cortex A9 core), the CyBox EDC comes with an operating system (Debian-Linux) that boots from a local flash memory, which offers ample room for customer-specific applications.

The comprehensive interfaces of the CyBox EDC include Gigabit-Ethernet (M12, A encoded), WLAN/LTE (QLS), GPS/GNSS (QLS), digital inputs and outputs (via M12-plugs), a relay output, UART and LEDs as status indicators. Other function characteristics include a micro-SD as an internal mass storage device and an integrated watchdog as well as a GPS receiver.

Thanks to its low power consumption (typically 5 W) and the maintenance-free design (passive no-fan cooling), the CyBox EDC is ideal for use in rough environments, where it is exposed to extreme stressors such as shock and vibrations in compliance with the applicable DIN, EN or IEC industrial standards. In accordance with the applicable railway standard the CyBox EDC electronics system is protected by protective conformal coating.

The available power connection options include:PoE (power over Ethernet) connections as well as the establishment of direct power connections ranging from 24 to 110 VDC (pursuant to EN50155, Class S2, i.e. 16 V to 154 VDC) incl. reverse polar protection. The sturdy aluminum housing's compact dimensions of 150 mm x 180 mm x 60 mm are perfect for industrial and mobile applications.

Besides applications on buses, trams, trains and other automotive applications, the CyBox EDC is also the ideal solution for uses in building technology, such as elevator monitoring. Other feasible applications include the monitoring of outdoor area systems and the surveillance of traffic control systems.


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