Fast, stable, and secure Wi-Fi on railways for passengers and train staff. Gigabit speed for up to 1536 clients per access point. Compliant with EN 50155.

Young woman standing next to a train door is reading on her mobile phone. In the background, other young people are sitting on their seats along the train's window.

Provide excellent user experience

Passenger Wi-Fi and Train Staff Communication Systems with Gigabit Speed

You may offer your passengers and employees seamless Wi-Fi coverage at full speed: With Wi-Fi access points, you enable users to stream videos, to use Internet services, IP telephony, and passenger infotainment solutions on their mobile devices. At the same time, you provide your team with Wi-Fi-based, internal technical services. A very high number of end devices to be used per access point secures your investment. Fast, secure, and uninterrupted connections create the ideal conditions for a modern and positive customer experience. Our access points are used daily in many public transport applications and ensure your success.

Wi-Fi Access Point

Your Advantages

1536 Clients

Highest performance on smallest footprint: Up to 1536 clients per access point

10 GbE

Interface options up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet - copper or fiber - for increasing backbone data rates

Worldwide Use

Country-specific Wi-Fi standards for worldwide use in every type of train

Wi-Fi 6/6E

Latest transmission technologies from Wave 2 to Wi-Fi 6 and 6E

300+ Clients

Simultaneous, uninterrupted live video streaming for more than 300 clients

Daisy Chaining

Saves costs for external switches over long backbone distances

Load Balancing

Intelligent distribution of clients to access points and fair bandwidth allocation

Fast Roaming

Smooth and loss-free from access point to access point

Web Interface

Easy-to-use web interface for remote settings and updates

Family Concept

Form - fit - function: for scalability, long-term availability and easy upgrades

EN 50155

Railway-compliant, robust design

Made in Germany

Designed and manufacted in Germany

Two moving train carriages against a blurry background

Inter-Carriage Coupling

The wireless access point can also be implemented as a wireless bridge between railway cars. In retrofit programs, such Wi-Fi-based backbones replace Ethernet cables between cars. The integrated firmware contains a bridging algorithm developed by Westermo Eltec – the Inter Carriage Connection Protocol ICCP – which automatically sets up and maintains a wireless LAN backbone for the train.

Railway Wi-Fi Access Points

Wi-Fi Access Point CyBox AP 4-W

Generation 4

CyBox AP 4-W

3 x Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi 6/6E with 4,800 Mbps

Wi-Fi Access Point CyBox AP 3-W

Generation 3

CyBox AP 3-W

2 x Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi 5 Wave 2 with 1,700 Mbps

Wi-Fi Access Point CyBox AP 2-W

Generation 2

CyBox AP 2-W

2 x Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi 5 with 1,300 Mbps

Wi-Fi Access Point with Integrated Antenna

Wi-Fi Access Point Ibex-A2510

Coming soon

With integrated antenna


2 x Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi 6 with 3,600 Mbps

Wi-Fi Access Point CyBox AP-A


With integrated antenna

CyBox AP-A

2 x Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi 5 with 1,300 Mbps

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