Stable, secure, and broadband 5G and LTE connections for optimal network coverage and vehicle-to-ground connections as an all-in-one solution. Compliant with EN 50155 and E1.

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Stay connected

Reliable Train-to-Ground Connections and High-Speed Internet

You may offer your passengers and employees maximum network coverage with the highest bandwidths and inspire them with attractive content. With our 5G and LTE routers and gateways you get 3 in 1: 5G/LTE, Wi-Fi and storage space. Via 5G or LTE, these devices ensure a stable connection with the mobile radio network and enable your users to stream videos, use Internet services, IP telephony, and passenger infotainment solutions on their mobile devices via Wi-Fi. You provide the content via the internal hard disk. At the same time, the routers or gateways connect to the internal vehicle network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and provide drivers and staff with the latest information at all times. Fast, secure, and uninterrupted connections create the ideal conditions for modern and positive customer experiences and ensure your success.

5G router

Your Advantages

5G | LTE

Stable and secure 5G/LTE cellular connections


Gateway with optional storage medium

Worldwide Use

Country-specific 5G/LTE/Wi-Fi standards for worldwide use in every type of train


Ready for Wi-Fi 6E as well as expandable by I/O interfaces

Multi-Provider Support

Cost-effective, location-based routing with up to 20 SIM cards for maximum provider flexibility


High-end communication performance with up to 8-core CPU

Family Concept

Form - fit - function: for scalability, long-term availability and easy upgrades

EN 50155 | E1

Railway and automotive compliant robust design

Made in Germany

Designed and manufactured in Germany

Railway Gateways

Wireless 5G Gateway CyBox GW 2-P

Generation 2

CyBox GW 2-P

4 slots for 5G and Wi-Fi combinations

5G with 2,400 Mbps or Wi-Fi 5 with 1,300 Mbps

 optional SSD with up to 960 GB

Wireless Gateway CyBox GW-P

Generation 1

CyBox GW-P

5 slots for LTE and Wi-Fi combinations

LTE Cat 7 with 300 Mbps or Wi-Fi 5 with 1,300 Mbps

 optional SSD with up to 960 GB

Railway Routers

5G Router CyBox RT 3-W

Generation 3

CyBox RT 3-W

1 x 5G + 1 x Wi-Fi or 2 x 5G

5G with 2,400 Mbps or Wi-Fi 5 Wave 2 with 1,700 Mbps

LTE Router CyBox LTE 2-W

Generation 2

CyBox LTE 2-W

1 x LTE + 1 x Wi-Fi or 2 x LTE

LTE Cat 7 with 300 Mbps or Wi-Fi 5 with 1,300 Mbps

Automotive Routers

Automotive Router CyBox RT 2-A


CyBox RT 2-A

2 x LTE + 2 x Wi-Fi

LTE Cat 7 with 300 Mbps or Wi-Fi 5 with 1,300 Mbps

 optional SSD with up to 960 GB

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