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OeBB improves WLAN range

ELTEC Wireless Access Point CyBox AP-W satisfies the maximum demands of train technology. Austrian Federal Railway (ÖBB) customers profit from maximum surfing pleasure and onboard entertainment.


OeBB improves WLAN range with wireless access points from ELTEC

CyBox AP-W satisfies the maximum demands of train technology

As a result of the new WLAN in the ÖBB Railjets, travelers can now make better and more convenient use of the Internet. The new onboard portal offers rail travelers a wide range of entertainment and information options.

When on the move, the train connects to the cellular networks available in the environment via a large number of LTE/UMTS interfaces. An onboard server system concentrates these data links, buffers TV streaming data, and provides local services. Over the train's internal WLAN system, up to 400 Railjet passengers can access these services at all times.

As a result, passengers can enjoy more than 130 TV programs using on-demand streaming or call up Internet services at train speeds of 230 km/h and in tunnels without interruption – even if their own device has no cell reception. The intelligent bandwidth management of the ELTEC CyBox AP WLAN access point guarantees that the bandwidth available in the train is distributed fairly.

Railjet from OeBB


The CyBox AP is a dual 802.11ac wireless access point specially designed for the rough environmental conditions encountered in track vehicles and also for automotive applications. Using the CyBox AP, a large number of mobile devices with WLAN capability can communicate with the Internet in a passenger train, bus, tram or subway train or access local data such as timetables, videos, etc. Two Gigabit Ethernet ports allow a redundant connection to a local server or daisy chaining with further access points.

A highly flexible power supply facility is provided for the CyBox AP: the integral wide-range power supply in compliance with EN 50155 allows operation at voltages from 16 to 154 V DC. A further option is a PoE connection (in compliance with IEEE802.3at) for a Class 4 supply. A special feature is the integral PoE output via which a second CyBox AP can be powered at the downlink port.

The compact CyBox AP with mounting dimensions of 105 mm x 55 mm x 205 mm has a power consumption of <20 W. The rugged aluminum enclosure with IP40 protection allows fan-free operation at -40 °C to +70 °C (EN 50155, Class T2) and can handle high shocks and vibrations in compliance with the usual DIN, EN and IEC industrial standards.



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