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Focus on Smart Connectivity

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New Strategy at ELTEC: Focus on Smart Connectivity

Digital network and communication solutions for local and long-distance public transport

Mainz, April 15, 2020 – ELTEC is shaping the future for smart mobility. The company has focused its product portfolio and realigned its strategy around Smart Connectivity with the target markets rail and road transport. This is also reflected in the newly designed website (www.eltec.com) which has just gone online.

Digitalization is the key to reliability, safety and efficiency in local and long-distance public transport. The availability of stable and secure mobile communications and Wi-Fi services with the highest bandwidths has become indispensable for a high level of customer attractiveness. ELTEC creates the technical prerequisites for this in a demanding environment. The company's digital network solutions include components for communication between vehicle and ground, stable and secure Internet access, real-time passenger infotainment and interfaces to the infrastructure for predictive maintenance and fleet management.

The requirements for stable connections and seamless communication are constantly increasing. Surfing the Internet, streaming videos and passenger infotainment are generating ever larger amounts of data that have to be transmitted to more and more passengers via mobile radio and Wi-Fi. The possibilities of predictive maintenance or security applications also increase the volume of data. ELTEC sets standards for reliable and stable communication with state-of-the-art transmission technologies and solutions "Made in Germany".

Passenger Wi-Fi

For Wi-Fi in trains, suburban and underground railways or trams, ELTEC products enable transmission rates of up to 1.7 Gbit/s and excellent connection quality per Wi-Fi access point. With the latest transmission technologies for highest bandwidths, up to 1024 terminals per access point can be provided with optimal high-speed Wi-Fi reception. Further features of the Wi-Fi access points include an ultra-wide range power supply for any type of train; compact dimensions for the smallest installation situations; robust, maintenance-free design; EN 50155 conformity; remote configuration and automated updates as well as integrated cyber security for access and data security.

Vehicle-to-ground connection

ELTEC's high-performance routers and gateways provide a reliable platform for real-time information systems and modern mobile applications, such as a stable and high-performance vehicle-to-ground connection. The data exchange between rail vehicles or buses and cloud or landside server takes place in real time via the mobile network for a comprehensive overview and shortest reaction times. State-of-the-art transmission technology such as LTE, 5G and Wi-Fi ensure the highest throughput, while country-specific mobile telephony/Wi-Fi standards and multiple SIM cards for multi-provider support offer a high degree of flexibility. Further features of the routers and gateways correspond to ELTEC's wireless access points.

Monitoring and predictive maintenance

The availability of the vehicle fleet can be significantly increased by monitoring the condition of the sensors. This saves time and costs. ELTEC offers the infrastructure for real-time monitoring – for highest quality on rail or road and full cost control. With the latest information on the condition of the vehicle electronics, service intervals can be optimized and significantly reduced. With real-time monitoring and data-based decision-making, predictive maintenance and service tailored to requirements can be implemented. ELTEC's data loggers collect and analyze the operating data for the automatic control and optimization of the logistics processes.

Product portfolio

With a dedicated product portfolio, ELTEC addresses the requirements for smart mobility in the rail and road transport markets as well as wireless outdoor communication. The railway products are EN 50155 compliant and for automotive applications the products are E1 certified.

Railway Wi-Fi access points enable fast, stable and secure Wi-Fi for passengers and employees. High bandwidths are supported for up to 1024 clients per access point.

Routers and gateways ensure stable, secure and broad-band LTE/5G and Wi-Fi connections for optimum network coverage and train-to-ground connections as an all-in-one solution.

Data loggers collect and analyze a wide range of sensor and operating data in real time for predictive maintenance and transmit this data to higher-level server systems.

I/O modules act as interfaces for the communication of safety-critical infrastructure via the Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB) or CAN bus in trains with optional absence of interaction.

ELTEC offers Ethernet switches for railway and automotive applications in a robust, compact design. Thus, up to 11 ports are available for fast Gigabit connections (2 x 2.5 GbE and 9 x 1 GbE).


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