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ELTEC changes company name

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ELTEC becomes Westermo


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ELTEC Elektronik changes legal form and company name

ELTEC Elektronik AG is planning an upcoming change of its company name, probably in June 2023. The company will then operate as Westermo Eltec GmbH in order to clarify its affiliation to the Westermo Group and to strengthen the brand name in the market. The corresponding official procedure is currently in the final stages of completion. In March 2021, the high-tech company Westermo already acquired 100% of the shares in ELTEC Elektronik AG.

As part of the integration, the Eltec brand logo and internet presence will be adapted. An important step is to design the Eltec website in the Westermo corporate design. A key objective of this integration process is to bring all parts of the company in the DACH region (Eltec, Westermo Neratec and Westermo in Germany) even closer together and interlink them in order to enable synergy effects to be better utilised in all business areas.


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