Responsible, eco-friendly and sustainable behaviour is anchored in our corporate objectives

The desire to use sustainable processes and work in ways that minimize the environmental footprint has long made its foray into the manufacturing industry. It is a topic that moves all of us. Westermo Eltec is one of the enterprises that have made its own commitment to handle limited resources in a responsible manner and to keep its energy consumption as well as its emissions to an absolute minimum many years ago.


Our products meet exacting standards in terms of their quality, safety and sustainability. Engineering a better world – that's our mission. The objective is to move forward environmentally friendly solutions that use energy and resources efficiently through innovative technologies.


A perfect example of a simple approach to the implementation of ecological or economic goals in everyday business routines is the introduction of in-house recycling processes. Production and sales require a complex, costly logistics system. To protect valuable electronic systems and components against transportation damages caused by electrostatic charges, special packaging is indispensable. A custom-tailored returnable packaging system that uses molds that were manufactured specifically for this purpose has been developed to achieve this goal. Besides product handling and storage advantages, the use of corrugated cardboard and filler materials is substantially reduced. Ultimately, this translates into a conservative use of environment resources and reduces emissions.

The savings and reductions in concrete facts and figures

  • The packaging used reduces the CO2 footprint by 70 percent
  • Cuts the use of packaging by several thousand boxes per year
  • Cost reduction by 90 %
  • Easy to implement
  • Minimal investment costs

Moreover, we partner pro-actively with our customers and upon request, deliver our products in resale ready packing. We accommodate your specific wishes as far as the choice of packaging materials is concerned.