Collection and analysis of diverse sensor and operating data in real-time for predictive maintenance and transmission to control centers. Compliant with EN 50155.

Train arrives at the station with a 5 minute delay - visible on the display panel next to the clock

Just in time

Predictive Maintenance: Maximum Availability for Best Service

You may offer your passengers a reliable infrastructure with punctual arrival and departure times without disruptions and breakdowns, while optimizing your service intervals. With the data loggers, you can record and collect vehicle- or machine-internal sensor data in real-time via digital interfaces, serial data buses, and Gigabit Ethernet and transmit this data to higher-level systems or control centers (condition-based monitoring). For this purpose, the robust devices are equipped with a comprehensive selection of interfaces. The status data can be wirelessly transmitted to the control center via Wi-Fi or mobile radio as well as via Gigabit Ethernet. Usage profiles as well as causes and correlations of technical problems are detected and analyzed and enable troubleshooting before they occur. With reliable monitoring and adequate maintenance based on needs, you can benefit from immense cost advantages while keeping your fleet mobile.

Data Logger

Your Advantages

Multiple Interfaces

Sensor interfaces for recording maintenance data of in-vehicle devices


Wi-Fi, LTE, or Gigabit Ethernet for the transmission of device data


Serial and parallel I/O extensions for connection to in-vehicle bus systems


Small, compact and robust IP40 housing


Robust M12 connectors for reliable connections

UIC 559

Unambiguous mapping of sensor data by integrated UIC 559 converter

Starter Kit

DRIVE 1.0 with analysis software from infraView and Dashboarding from ESE

EN 50155

Railway-compliant, robust design

Made in Germany

Designed and manufactured in Germany

Starter kit case with PCEye MC-R and cables, adapters and antennas in plastic bags

Evaluation kit DRIVE 1.0 - for a fast time-to-market:

  • Westermo Eltec PCEye MC-R including accessories such as antennas, cables, power supply and adapters
  • 3-months infraView Industrial IoT license for long-term storage and analysis, also cloud-based
  • Operator-specific dashboarding by IT experts from ESE

Data Loggers for Railway Applications

Data Logger PCEye MC-R

Generation 1


Intel Dual/Quad-Core CPU
Up to 1.8 GHz
2/8 GB RAM  |  8/32 GB eMMC

Yellow Starter Kit case

Starter Kit


PCEye MC-R incl. cabels and antennas
3 months infraView license
2 dashboards by ESE

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